Properties in Kievskiy-Chubaevka

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House in Tsvetochnaya street, Kievskiy, Odessa
Tsvetochnaya street, Kievskiy-Chubaevka, Odessa
$1 100 000 3 2 7 a
House in Tolbuhina street, Kievskiy, Odessa
Tolbuhina street, Kievskiy-Chubaevka, Odessa
$270 000 3 2 4 a
Villa in Brigadnaya street, Primorskiy, Odessa
Brigadnaya street, Kievskiy-Chubaevka, Odessa
$800 000 4 2 7 a

Chubaevka – is an area of a private sector, located between Fontanskaya and Lyustdorfskaya roads. Some time ago it was a village, found by cossacks. Today it is one of the most luxurious developments of Odessa. It is rebuilt so actively that even houses of the Soviet period remained not so many, and there is almost no old houses. They were torn down and replaced with elite mansions.